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Business Process Automation (BPA) involves automation of manual and paper-based processes or transforming the existing applications for the new target platform. With business process automation companies can reduce costs and enhance the efficiency of operations with technology. These software solutions aim to help businesses optimize the routine processes. Thereby helping enhance the efficiency and productivity of their operations. 


Business Process Automation  

  • Transforming Application ( Decommissioning ) 

  • Automate the manual business processes  


Acubed.IT  is primarily focusing on Microsoft CRM and SharePoint based application automation  for public sector customers .


SharePoint Based Applications 


Creativity and teamwork are essential to transforming business processes. Most processes centre on content – files and data. SharePoint offers tools to gather and manage data in lists and libraries . SharePoint based Application let you connect your existing systems and data, you can quickly build reports, forms, and workflows, and then publish your app instantly to all users in your organization. SharePoint based applications allow easy and quick deployment.


The possibilities with custom workflows based SharePoint Applications are endless. Below are some of the example SharePoint Workflow based applications. 

  • Risk Management System  

  • Compliance support 

  • Policy review and approval 

  • Document Approval and workflows 

CRM Based Application  


With Dynamics 365 CRM you get a flexible solution that's customizable to suit your business requirements. Choose a stand-alone application to meet the needs of a specific line of business, or use multiple CRM tools that work together as a powerful integrated solution. 


Choosing the Right platform for your application works with you and during the discovery phased we produce a report proposing the correct target platform best suited for your application . Tips and tools on finding the right software solutions for your business and invite you to discover the ways that  delivers modern, intelligent, and unified software and apps that work seamlessly together to help you increase your productivity and collaborations with other government departments.

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