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MAY 2024: Leading the Charge: Acubed.IT's Dynamic Presence at CyberUK 2024 

Acubed.IT proudly served as both a Sponsor and an Exhibitor at CyberUK 2024, held from May 13th to 15th at the ICC Birmingham. This year's CyberUK theme delved into the transformative potential of future technology, from leveraging AI in ground breaking healthcare research to harnessing quantum computers to address pressing global challenges like climate change and food security. 

Amidst these opportunities, it is imperative for the cybersecurity sector to ensure the security of these emerging technologies. As new developments arise, it is essential to adopt a "secure by design" approach and swiftly address any vulnerabilities. However, the rapid and unpredictable pace of technological advancement also presents opportunities for adversaries, underscoring the importance of understanding and mitigating evolving threats. 

For the past three years, Acubed.IT has collaborated closely with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to tackle a specific challenge related to data security in low-trust domains, particularly concerning data aggregation. This collaboration has led to the development of the Cross Domain Hybrid Application Framework (CDS), designed to mitigate data risks in low trust domains while facilitating secure data movement across High Assurance Gateways into high trust domains. The framework, developed in collaboration with NCSC experts, encompasses design patterns, code libraries, and guidelines to support implementation. 

Building upon the success of the Cross Domain Hybrid Application Framework, Acubed.IT expanded its collaboration with industry leaders such as Intel and Becrypt to further advance deep tech in the Cross Domain Space. This collaboration aims to explore new markets and extend the reach of innovative solutions developed through the Cross Domain Hybrid Application Framework. 

At CyberUK 2024, Acubed.IT reaffirmed its commitment to cybersecurity innovation and collaboration. By working closely with industry partners and government agencies, we remain at the forefront of addressing emerging cybersecurity challenges and advancing transformative solutions to protect critical infrastructure and sensitive information. 

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