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JUNE 2024: Innovate UK Investment Fuels Cryptography Partnership Between Acubed.IT and Edinburgh Napier University  

We are excited to announce that Acubed.IT, in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University, has secured a significant six-figure investment from Innovate UK’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). This investment marks a major milestone in our efforts to advance cybersecurity technology, particularly by enhancing our Cross Domain Hybrid Application Framework (CDHA). 

This 30-month collaboration unites Acubed.IT with a distinguished academic team led by Professor Bill Buchanan OBE. Supported by a dedicated associate, the partnership is focused on developing innovative solutions to safeguard critical data and secure digital infrastructures. By leveraging the expertise and forward-thinking approach of both academia and industry, we aim to deliver cutting-edge advancements in cybersecurity. The partnership showcases the power of collaboration between forward-thinking businesses and the UK’s world-class knowledge bases. Innovate UK’s KTP programme facilitates this synergy, enabling inspired graduates to lead transformative innovation projects. Through this initiative, we will significantly enhance the security features of our CDHA, ensuring it remains at the forefront of cybersecurity technology.


This substantial investment underscores the importance of our work and Innovate UK's confidence in our ability to drive significant advancements in cybersecurity. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in digital security and providing unparallelled protection for digital infrastructures.


Learn more about InnovateUK’s KTP here: 

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