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MAY 2024: Acubed.IT Sponsors TechUK Defence Spring Dinner 2024

Acubed.IT were proud sponsors of the techUK Defence Spring Dinner 2024, a prestigious event held in Central London that serves as a cornerstone for the UK's defence technology industry. Held annually, the techUK Defence Dinners are an invaluable opportunity for members to connect with key stakeholders and discuss the future trajectory of defence technology in the UK. This year’s dinner was no exception, bringing together over 250 delegates for an evening of insightful conversations, inspiring speeches, and excellent dining.

The event provided us with the chance to meet with industry leaders, government officials, and fellow innovators to discuss emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities within the defence technology sector. One of the highlights of the evening was the keynote speech delivered by Avril Jolliffe, Director General Industry, Trade and Economic Security at the UK Ministry of Defence. Avril's address focused on the current state of the defence industry, the importance of technological innovation, and the UK’s strategic direction in enhancing its defence capabilities.

The techUK Defence Spring Dinner 2024 was not just an event, but a significant milestone in our ongoing journey of innovation and collaboration. We extend our heartfelt thanks to techUK for hosting such a stellar event and to all the delegates who made the evening memorable.

Learn more about techUK Defence Spring Dinner here:

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