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MAR 2024: Acubed.IT Co-Sponsors techUK's National Security Reception 2024 

Acubed.IT proudly co-sponsored Tech UK's second National Security Reception held in London on March 21, 2024. As a participant in techUK's National Security Programme, we recognise the importance of fostering dialogue on new and emerging technologies that both strengthen the UK's national security and address vulnerabilities that threaten it. 

techUK's National Security Programme serves as a platform for national security stakeholders to lead discussions on innovative technologies and their implications for national security. Through initiatives like the National Security Reception, techUK members engage with the new National Security Committee to guide strategic security concerns for the UK tech sector and facilitate government-industry collaboration. 

Reflecting on our participation in the National Security Reception, attended by Amit Gupta, Founder and CEO at Acubed.IT, and Stephen Thomas, Senior Associate at Acubed.IT, we recognise the event's significance as an opportunity to showcase our Cross-Domain Hybrid Application Framework (CDHA) technology. Beyond mere showcasing, it provided a platform for engaging in meaningful discussions with industry leaders and security experts. During the event, discussions around CDHA technology shed light on the complexities of cross-domain security and the risks associated with data aggregation on low-side networks (OFFICIAL). It became apparent that there is a critical need for deeper understanding of these challenges within our community to safeguard national security more effectively. 

Data aggregation on low-side networks presents unique risks that demand innovative solutions. CDHA emerges as a cornerstone of such solutions, designed to mitigate these risks by enabling secure, cross-domain data sharing while maintaining operational efficiency. As advocates for enhanced cybersecurity measures, we are committed to promoting technologies like CDHA that address critical security challenges and safeguard our nation's interests. 

To delve deeper into Cross-Domain Security and explore how CDHA can bolster your security strategy, click here.:

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