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JUNE 2024: Strengthening UK-US Tech Ties: Acubed.IT's Experience in techUK's Washington D.C. Delegation 

We are proud to announce that our CEO and Founder, Amit Gupta, was one of the eight esteemed members of techUK's delegation to Washington D.C, representing Acubed.IT. TechUK’s delegation visit represented a significant milestone in fostering cooperation between the UK and the US in the realms of technology and trade. This three-day event was marked by high-level engagements with key U.S. government departments and agencies, Congress staffers, industry representatives, and sister trade organisations. Below is a detailed account of Amit’s experience and the fruitful discussions that took place during this delegation.


Day 1: Engagements at the British Embassy and Beyond 

The first day commenced with visits to the British Embassy in Washington, the Atlantic Council, and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. Discussions predominantly revolved around economic and national security. Amit expressed pride in Acubed.IT's contributions to UK government projects, noting the recognition and use of our applications by some attendees. A key highlight was the discourse on the National Security Investment Act, which underscores the importance of protecting national interests while ensuring transparency for businesses and investors. Additionally, interactions with international users of Acubed.IT’s ROSA application demonstrated its pivotal role in facilitating secure communication and collaboration across global security tiers. Further discussion took place with U.S. government officials regarding how Acubed.IT's Cross Domain Hybrid Application Framework (CDHA) could enhance secure collaboration. 

Day 2: Delving into Digital Technologies and International Collaboration 

Amit recalls that day two proved equally enlightening, featuring visits to the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Department of State, where discussions centred on emerging digital and critical technologies, notably within the framework of AUKUS—a trilateral security pact among Australia, the UK, and the USA. A significant portion of the day was dedicated to a roundtable discussion with the Information Technology Industry Association, policy leads, and U.S. businesses. This session explored how UK SMEs, like Acubed.IT, can collaborate with large U.S. tech firms to drive innovation. These discussions delved into AI and crucial topics such as Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC), underscoring the significant and potentially detrimental threat posed by PQC, stressing the need for continued vigilance and innovation in this area. The day concluded positively with a networking event, setting the stage for follow-up meetings to further discuss the CDHA solution. 

Day 3: High-Level Policy Discussions and Future Prospects 

The final day of the delegation included visits to the United States Senate, the Russell Senate Office, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Amit Gupta highlighted the vibrancy of Washington D.C. and the insightful exchanges that made the delegation’s efforts incredibly rewarding. The dialogues on AI and trade policies at these high-level forums underscored the importance of ongoing collaboration between the UK and U.S. in addressing global technological challenges and advancing mutual interests. 


Amit Gupta’s participation in techUK's delegation to Washington D.C. reflects Acubed.IT’s commitment to playing a pivotal role in the advancement of technology and trade between the UK and the U.S. The high-level engagements and discussions held over the three days have not only strengthened existing ties but also opened new avenues for collaboration and innovation. Acubed.IT is excited about the prospects and remains dedicated to contributing to secure and innovative solutions that bolster both national and international efforts. 


Learn more about techUK delegation here:,techUK%20leads%20its%20second%20delegation%20of%20members%20to%20Washington%20D.C.,11%20to%2013%20June%202024

Learn more about CDHA here: 

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