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MAY 2024: Amit Gupta on ASecuritySite Podcast: Exploring Cybersecurity and Innovation 

In a recent episode of the ASecuritySite Podcast, Professor Bill Buchanan, a top expert in Applied Cryptography at Edinburgh Napier University, sat down with Amit Gupta, the CEO and Founder of Acubed.IT. Their conversation covered secure cross-domain solutions, the innovative Cross-Domain Hybrid Application (CDHA) framework, and Amit's varied career journey. 

Amit Gupta’s appearance on the podcast highlighted his deep expertise and passion for cybersecurity. With a career spanning over 25 years, Amit began as a dedicated developer. His knowledge grew significantly when he worked on national security projects, gaining valuable insights into the operations of UK government and defence systems. 

During the podcast, Amit shared his unique insights into the technological advancements driving secure data collaboration. He discussed the CDHA framework, which addresses traditional data-sharing challenges by securely managing encrypted data across security domains. Amit and Professor Bill also talked about the pressing security risks associated with remote work and the importance of maintaining high-trust domains to protect sensitive information. 

Listeners enjoyed Amit’s personal stories and professional experiences, from his early days in development to his current role, which includes software architecture, technical delivery management, and strategic marketing. His passion for cryptography, sparked by encounters with security threats in the national defence sector, continues to drive his efforts in developing advanced cryptographic solutions. 

The podcast episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of cybersecurity. Amit and Professor Bill explore the convergence of AI, quantum computing, and advanced cryptographic methods like homomorphic encryption, emphasising the importance of innovation and collaboration in creating a safer digital landscape.  

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