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OCTOBER 2023: Acubed.IT Named Finalist in the Tech UK Cyber Innovation Den 

On Wednesday, October 11, the highly anticipated Tech UK Cyber Security Conference took centre stage in Central London, drawing industry leaders and innovators from around the globe. Amidst the event's bustling atmosphere, the Cyber Innovation Den Pitching Competition made its triumphant return for the fifth consecutive year, spotlighting promising SMEs and start-ups as they presented their ground breaking products and services to a distinguished panel of experts. 

This year's panel, comprised of esteemed figures such as Diane Gilbert from Plexal, David Sully from Advai, Joshua Walter from Osney Capital and Nicola Whiting from Titania Group, eagerly listened to pitches brimming with innovation and potential. Amongst the 10 standout contenders was Acubed.IT, represented by its CEO, Amit Gupta, who secured a coveted spot as a finalist in the prestigious 2023 Tech UK Cyber Innovation Den. 

During his presentation, Amit Gupta underscored the paramount importance of exploring forward-thinking solutions such as the Cross Domain Hybrid Application Framework (CDHA). CDHA stands out as a robust strategy for safeguarding data across various trust boundaries, offering a compelling solution to address the Data Aggregation Challenge. 

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