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Women In Tech at Acubed.IT
From Inspiration to Innovation

Welcome to our special mid-year blog celebrating the amazing women at Acubed.IT! With more than half of our workforce being women, we are proud to spotlight five such amazing colleagues who are making waves in tech. Through candid interviews, they share their personal journeys, the challenges they have faced, and triumphs in the industry. Discover their insights on essential skills, achieving work-life balance, and how the company has supported their growth. They also candidly discuss the obstacles they have overcome and their hopes for the future of technology. 


Join us as we delve into their stories and celebrate the invaluable contributions of women in tech. Whether you are an aspiring tech enthusiast or simply curious about their experiences, there is something here to inspire everyone. Let us come together to draw inspiration from the incredible women of Acubed.IT! 

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"I am deeply drawn to technology for its endless learning opportunities. Reflecting on my journey, the constant demands of tech drive me to continually evolve. As a woman in tech, I quickly encountered biases and stereotypes, but I was determined to prove them wrong. At Acubed.IT, I have found invaluable support, encouragement, and opportunities to advance my career. The flexible working hours have been a game-changer, allowing me to balance work and family commitments effectively. Looking ahead, I advocate for a tech industry that embraces flexibility, promotes more women into leadership roles, and fosters a supportive culture. For young women considering a career in tech, it is challenging but incredibly rewarding. Embrace the challenges, seize every opportunity, and know that your perspective truly matters" - Kelly Springell (Business Analyst).

"My passion for technology launched my career, but challenges, particularly as a woman in tech, were significant. Delivering projects under tight deadlines with new tech was daunting; extensive research and late nights were necessary. My then management's support, arranging late-hour transportation, eased the burden. At Acubed.IT, supported by a wonderful team and transparent culture, I have thrived. Valuable learning sessions fuelled my growth, emphasising grit, time management, and effective communication. Flexible work arrangements allowed seamless balance. Looking ahead, the tech industry must recognise women’s challenges and provide second chances post-career breaks. Development remains male-dominated, posing challenges for women standing their ground. To aspiring women in tech: keep learning and updating—you have got what it takes! You have got it, and you CAN do it! " Ruchi Sharma (QA Engineer).

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"Driven by my passion for accuracy and quality, I pursued a career in technology, focusing on Quality Assurance (QA). I thrive on understanding system intricacies and ensuring flawless operation. As a woman in tech, I have faced biases and underestimated abilities, overcoming them through continuous self-improvement and effective communication. At Acubed.IT, I have grown in an inclusive environment that values teamwork and open dialogue, with flexible work arrangements supporting my work-life balance. Reflecting on my journey, I realise the importance of resilience, confidence, and continuous learning for success. To young women considering a tech career, I offer this advice: be confident, ask questions boldly, and focus on developing your interpersonal skills. Embrace challenges, stay curious, and never underestimate the value of continuous learning and self-improvement." Vaishali Pant (QA Lead).

"I chose a tech career for its problem-solving challenges and ever-evolving nature. Success in tech demands resilience, assertiveness, strong communication, and a proactive mindset. At Acubed.IT, I've thrived in a supportive culture that values teamwork and encourages growth. Balancing work-life while remote requires setting boundaries and taking breaks to maintain focus. Reflecting on my journey, I've learned the power of asking questions to accelerate learning and overcome uncertainties. Looking ahead, I advocate for closing the gender pay gap and expanding networking opportunities for women in tech. To young women in tech: embrace challenges with confidence. Despite the field's gender disparity, tech offers vast opportunities for learning, growth, and making a meaningful impact." Amanda Renny (Infrastructure Engineer).

"Fascinated by the digital world and the endless possibilities of technology, Starting a tech career, I've navigated cultural and professional challenges. As a woman, this journey has not only boosted my confidence in communication but also in my overall progress. At Acubed.IT, I have received invaluable support through guidance, remote training sessions, and team calls, all of which have enhanced my productivity and work-life balance. Reflecting on my journey, I believe it's important to stay up-to-date with industry trends and continuously improve one's skills. Essential skills like multitasking and communication are crucial for women in tech, especially with the benefit of flexible work arrangements. To young women starting out in tech, I encourage embracing challenges, learning fearlessly, and seizing every opportunity for growth and advancement." Shafqat Bashar (Technical Consultant).

As we conclude this 'Women in Tech' blog, the stories shared by the women of Acubed.IT are filled with resilience and determination. Their experiences emphasise the importance of continuous learning and maintaining work-life balance, inspiring aspiring tech enthusiasts to boldly tackle challenges and focus on personal growth. They envision a future tech industry that values diversity, fosters inclusion, and offers equal opportunities for everyone. 


To all women aspiring to enter tech, remember: with determination and support, you can carve out a rewarding career. Let's keep celebrating and advocating for a tech community that embraces diversity and inclusivity together. 

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