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Crown commercial  service

SEPTEMBER 2023: Proud Supplier for Spark Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) 

Acubed.IT takes pride in its status as an approved service provider to the UK Public Sector, made possible through a strategic partnership with Crown Commercial Services (CCS), the UK's largest public procurement organisation. As an executive agency sponsored by the Cabinet Office, CCS plays a vital role in streamlining procurement processes, providing commercial services to the public sector, and ensuring value for taxpayers' money. 

Additionally, Acubed.IT is listed as a trusted supplier on the CCS Digital Marketplace under Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) and G-Cloud frameworks. We are also part of the SPARK Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), facilitating public sector procurement by offering support for remote monitoring solutions. This enables organisations within the public sector to access our innovative services efficiently and cost-effectively. 

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