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OCTOBER 2023: Embracing Quantum Security: Integrating Post-Quantum Cryptography into CDHA

As the potential of quantum computing continues to grow, so too does the urgency to prepare for its implications on data encryption. At Acubed.IT, we recognise the importance of staying ahead of the curve in cybersecurity, which is why we're taking proactive steps to address the challenges posed by quantum computing head-on. 

In collaboration with Napier University and the esteemed Professor Bill Buchanan OBE FRSE, we are proud to announce our initiative to integrate Post-Quantum Cryptography into our Cross Domain Hybrid Application Framework (CDHA). This strategic partnership ensures that CDHA remains resilient against the evolving threat landscape presented by quantum computing. This initiative represents a significant leap forward in securing government data, particularly in an era where traditional encryption methods face unprecedented challenges. By incorporating Post-Quantum Cryptography into CDHA, we are bolstering our defences and future-proofing our technology against emerging threats. But our commitment extends beyond technology; it encompasses the development of the next generation of cybersecurity experts. As part of our initiative, we are proud to sponsor a dedicated PhD student in Post-Quantum Cryptography, underlining our investment in nurturing talent and driving innovation in cybersecurity. 

Professor Bill Buchanan OBE FRSE brings a wealth of expertise and accolades to our partnership. His distinguished career at Edinburgh Napier University, coupled with his numerous awards and achievements, exemplifies his commitment to advancing cybersecurity education and research. His leadership and guidance will be instrumental in steering our initiative towards success. 

About Professor Bill: Professor Bill Buchanan OBE FRSE is a renowned figure in the field of cybersecurity, holding positions at Edinburgh Napier University and receiving recognition for his outstanding contributions to the field. With a focus on teaching excellence, research impact, and knowledge exchange, Professor Buchanan's work has garnered international acclaim and laid the foundation for ground-breaking initiatives like the BlockPass Identity Lab. In addition to his academic achievements, Professor Buchanan's innovative approach to teaching has earned him prestigious awards, including the "Most Innovative Teacher of the Year" at the Times Higher Education Awards. His recent election as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh further solidifies his status as a leader in academia and cybersecurity.  

Read more about Post Quantum Computing in our article on tech.UK: 

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