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What we do

We can design tailored solutions, encompassing hardware, software, and everything in between built specially for UK Government departments and public sector


How we do it

Extensive of experience of delivering leading IT in to the UK Public sectors

Dedicated specialist staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience

Trusted partnerships with technology suppliers like Microsoft.


Contact us for specialist consultancy and solutions in relation to:

Secure Cloud services: Effective digital solutions, Adhering to regulatory and security needs delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner based on the public cloud. 

On-premises solutions: Custom solution development on a customer’s on-premise network, covering both delivering solutions onto existing platforms and enhancing a platform capability. We will work within the limitations and capabilities of your on-premise platform to deliver the most capable and practical solution.

Cross domain solutions: Modern cutting edge applications and business process that may span security domains. We are already working with a number of government departments, to help them build building cross domain applications.

Public Sector Specialist builds applications to enable seamless and secure interactions between various government departments. We support this through building powerful and highly secure government IT applications utilising the robust IT infrastructure. 


As a supplier to government IT clients, we leverage technology as a key mechanism for improving collaboration between departments resulting cost savings.

Secure Cloud and On-Prem Solutions 

acubed partners with some of the UK largest organisations to collaboratively solve their most pivotal and technically complex security challenges using proven methodologies and bespoke consultancy. 

At acubed.IT, we are primarily focused on working with UK Government Departments to assist with transforming the way HMG perform secure processes and data capture. Utilising platforms that are already available, and if required enhancing available platform capability to meet their requirements. 

Cross Domain Specialist 

Acubed specialised in the Cross-domain solutions and are currently engaged with multiple government departments on building cross-domain applications. is also working with a number of government departments, including the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) supporting research programmes related to building cross domain applications.​Discover our approach to deliver modern, intelligent, unified software and Apps that work seamlessly together to help you increase your productivity and collaborations with other government departments.

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