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Designing Secure Applications

Secure Digital Solutions

for Public Sector collaborate with government departments in the UK to design and build secure applications leveraging our cross domain & cyber security expertise.

What We Do

At Acubed.IT we apply our cross-domain specialist expertise to build cost effective cyber secure solutions.

Based in the UK, our team of experts collaborate with HM Government and the Public Sector to build & integrate powerful and highly secure applications that automate and transform business processes. Our extensive knowledge in secure cloud solution design enables us to deliver digital solutions that are user-focused, scalable, and cost effective.

We work with the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre), and other government departments, supporting the research and development of vital innovative technologies and solutions. We have partnered with the UK Government to develop the next generation Cross Domain Solutions.


​Our team works closely with its clients to provide cutting-edge customised solutions to ensure the ever-evolving cyber security of the UK is top priority. Utilising industry leading technology, our cross-domain and cloud specialist expertise, you can trust Acubed.IT to take your cyber security to a whole new level.

Our Services

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